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Teenex is an exhibition for teenagers and young adults. Teenagers having just come out of primary school are entering into a new phase in their lives with many questions, influences, things to discover and explore as they go through high school to becoming young adults. Through this exhibition we wish to provide you the young man or lady with all the answers you may need to arm yourselves with the "tools of the trade" so to speak.


You have heard of "www" which commonly stands for "world wide web", but to us at Teenex it stands for "wonderful world waiting". There is so much to do, see and learn in your life. You've heard your parents say that "the world is at your feet". Well they are not far wrong. Only you have the power to change your world!

Teenex is about giving you options and the guideance you need in one place to make it all possible. Although not strictly a Career Expo, Teenex does cover career choices, because we want you to know what you could do when you leave school one day.

BUT ...life is not just all about work it's also about play, and that's what makes Teenex worth coming to see! Come join in the fun, because that's what you the teenager is all about ...FUN!


Why this exhibition?

Having teenage children of her own, the founder of Teenex often thinks about their futures and the quality of their lives. A fear always arises about what kind of lifestyles will be available for young people due to political factors and the economical climate in the years ahead. What will they study? Can we afford to send them to study? What are their options if not? Where will they end up one day when they're all grown up and begin to venture into the unknown all by themselves. A scarey feeling for parents and teenagers alike! We as the caretakers of our childrens' destonies often neglect what our kids are about, not on purpose really but mostly because we oursleves don't have all the answers and are so busy trying to make our own destonies happen.

You as the young man or lady either half-way through high school, in your matric year or maybe in your first year at varsity might be pondering what you are currently studying with uncertainty, and most likely have many questions. Do you know what you are good at and do you wonder what you will be able to do after school? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Are you coping at school? Do you interact well socially or do you prefer to observe from the side-lines? What subjects do you enjoy at school and is this an indication of your possible career paths? In essence are you the teen, the young adult armed with the right information you need to make the right decisions when you leave highschool?



Our Mission!

Our mission is to arm you with the answers to those questions in your lives! We want to motivate and inspire you and if you don't have a dream yet, we hope you will find one with Teenex!

Our Vision!

Our vision is to give you the power to be the best you can be because you are unique! Every person has their own special thing that they can do better than someone else. We want to help you find yours!


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