What is TeenEx?


We're glad you asked!

As you've probably guessed, yes it's an exhibition for teenagers and young adults. That's "LIT" right? At last, an exhibition just for you! You've heard your parents say that "the world is at your feet". Well they are not far wrong. Only you have the power to change your world! TeenEx is about lots of FUN along with a little bit of guideance, if you can handle it. We don't want to bore you, we're sure you have enough of that somewhere along the line every day. TeenEx is not a Career Expo although it does cover some career choices, because life is based on what you do to create a lifestyle, so we've selected a few out of the box careers that are fun and creative from the usual. Who knows you could change your mind about what you wanted to do, and give your folks a few more grey hairs. Come see!



What makes this Expo unique?


We say "Kids" ... "just wanna have fun!" ... Right?

So, we've incorporated a lot of FUN into TeenEx and we have chosen our exhibitor stalls with your Lifestyle in mind. Maybe after much nagging and your parents saying "we'll think about it", you're allowed to go on Vac at the end of the year and need to find out more? Well your folks can come along too and you can put their minds at rest with first hand info. Or you're looking for ideas for your Matric Farewell dress or afterparty? Well, we have a few ideas for you, so tell your friends and come have a look. Looking for something to do on weekends? Like join a sports club, or hiking group? Come and find out more.

To create the very LOUD and very quiet FUN for you we are having a few special attractions. If you know of any friends with bands let them know. We are having a Battle of the Teen Bands competition. Young people (up to 21 years old) who have "garage type" bands will have the opportunity to send in their very "best" song to be voted in or out via an online pole. The best 5 bands will be chosen to play 3 songs at the Expo. More info to come. Follow us on Twitter for updates.

Then we have decided on Cosplay as a theme for the Fashion Show. Something different to the norm. Any teen or student wanting to enter and participate is welcome. It'll be run by a selected Fashion school. More info to come. Follow us on Twitter for updates.

Then last but not least for the QUIET fun you will be able to let loose at the Silent Disco on the Sunday afternoon. Why Sunday, cause it's quite FUN and it's school holidays so why not?

Fun things to come and do are Action Cricket & Action Soccer, have a go on the Climbing Wall, make your mark on the Graffiti walls, take part in the Bake-offs, and if you're in creative arts like music, art, acting and singing come and show us how it's done. Enter your name and talent to get your slot at the Arts Theatre. Look out for the entry forms on the 15th December.


Click here to download the TeenEx Brochure and click here for more info about the Special Attractions!

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